We would like to introduce another key person of the tournament : our magnificent Head Announcer, Shut The Fred Up !

Shut The Fred Up has kilted his way through Europe on the last 3 years. He was part of the announcers’ crew for ERDT 2014 and he has been AFTDA certified since. You probably saw him and his silver mike on He belongs to the Lutèce Destroyeuses from Paris and can’t wait to scream “IT’S TIIIME FOR ROLLER DERBY” for ERDT 2016.

Photo: Sabrina Perrault

You would like to speak during some matches too? 19 games on the week end. Plenty of opportunities to use your mouth. And a good level of derby ahead. Why do you even hesitate? Join our crew now! Any question? Contact me:

I want to be announcer!