Tournament Head Photographer - NSP 189


So you wanna shoot some amazing roller derby at the one and only European Roller Derby Tournament aka ERDT 2016 Edition? So do I!

End of May, 3 guys made me their proposal… No, naughty, not an indicent one, they asked me if i accept to be their Head Tournament Photographer at ERDT in September. And I said YES!

Now it’s time to recruit my own crew of amazing derby photographers.
As members of this you’ll receive your own pass to access the 2 sites (400m one from another by feet), free food (yes, free food, same way as refs/nsos 🙂 and if needed you also have access to a dormitory.
No matter you’ll follow your own team or come and try to document each game played during 48 epic hours, first off all you need to fill this application form.
Then i’ll contact you, make a special group on FB to gather all the infos or questions you have… and of course the answers to them. And last but not least, we will have a media meeting on place saturday morning early.
Your devoted HT Shooter, Vinciane aka NSP 189.

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