Friday: an amazing exhibition Game!

Hey, we have a surprise for you ! An amazing exhibition game will take place the day before the tournament ! Let’s make way for the MERBY !

Welcome to Team Belgium Men’s Roller Derby and Les Moustaches from Lille (France). Let’s meet on Friday 9th of september at 8.30 PM, the entry is free of charge !

It’s the perfect opportunity for each one of you to meet and have fun before the tournament!
Venue: Salle Edgard Hismans – Rue de l’Egalité 66 – 7390 Quaregnon.

Tournament’s Skate Shop

We are very pleased to announce that Quad Roller Skate Shop is our official partner for the edition 2016!
So now is the time to contact them in order to get your material ready for the tournament:!

We would like to thank Quad Roller Skate Shop very much for their sponsorship and their support.
Here is more information about Quad Roller Skate Shop, their specialities and their products.

Because WE LOVE THIS GAME. QUAD is Europe’s original brick and mortar roller derby skate shop, with the best selection and most stock on the continent. We know skates, so you don’t have to. Our customer service is the best, on a level that only fellow skaters could provide. Come see us online or in store for all your derby needs!” #QUADberlin


European Roller Derby is second to none! We have some of the world’s best teams and officials and QUAD is stoked support the people who make this happen. ERDT is a unique opportunity for nations to show off their best skaters, bring teams together, inspire and push the boundaries of our sport. As this is exactly QUAD’s mission, we are proud to be here!


We have been committed from day one to having the largest selection, of the best products for roller derby. We test and try everything we sell to ensure you never hit the track in the wrong gear. Our selection includes all the major brands and also features products made by roller derby skaters.


Not everyone is into equipment, and with QUAD as your skate shop, you don’t have to be. We work tirelessly to educate ourselves and our staff so we can offer you the best service and the best skates for YOU. Our committment is to our sport and community, that means making skaters happy, safe and better is our main priority.


As a one stop shop, we do everything! Boot fittings, wheel testing, plate mounting, maintenance, consultation, you name it! We are here for you and have all the resources to take care of each customer individually.

The officials

Here are all the Officials who will take part in the tournament. Thanks to all!

Tournament Head Referee

Der Könich

Crew Head Referees

Igor Maniac
Jean Quad Grand Slam
Si Borg


Danger Russ
Eddie Whizzard
Eddy Awsome
Gemma Track
Kurdy Malloy
Lady Jekyll
Logan Nighthawk
Lola Refft
Mad Tracks
Mercy B.Coup
Mighty Morales
Quad’s Law
Rollin Rat
The Hoarse Whistler
Tre Cruel
Von Schäfer
Wonder Zebra

Tournament Head NSO


Crew Head NSOs

I am Groot
Joséphine Bacon
Nurse Baumwollen


Beth Case Scenario
Blind Io
Bomb Weasley
Comic Sans
Finger Von Fee
Glorier Estefan
Hakuna your Tatas
Honor Rampage
Jason Burne
Joe Care
Krystal Vice
La Meche Tse-Tse
Linz and Needles
Lula D Blood
Merrydeath McKaos
Miss Chief
Nat Safe for Work
Princess Bitch
Ramblin’ Raven
Roughcut Ruby
Scrim Reaper
Sgt. Bernice
So Solid Sue
Speedy Convalesce
The Goon
Trick Track
Uchka Gaz
Zebra 3


We would like to introduce another key person of the tournament : our magnificent Head Announcer, Shut The Fred Up !

Shut The Fred Up has kilted his way through Europe on the last 3 years. He was part of the announcers’ crew for ERDT 2014 and he has been AFTDA certified since. You probably saw him and his silver mike on He belongs to the Lutèce Destroyeuses from Paris and can’t wait to scream “IT’S TIIIME FOR ROLLER DERBY” for ERDT 2016.

Photo: Sabrina Perrault

You would like to speak during some matches too? 19 games on the week end. Plenty of opportunities to use your mouth. And a good level of derby ahead. Why do you even hesitate? Join our crew now! Any question? Contact me:

I want to be announcer!

Tournament Head Officials

We are proud to introduce our Tournament Head Officials for this 2016 European Roller Derby Tournament!!!

We sincerely want to thanks all of the Referees and NSO’s from the first edition (2014) who worked so hard to make these two perfect days. A special thanks to Dire Wolff, the Head Referee & Mazuzu, the Head NSO.

THNSO – Pëttïchökë
With over 300 games under her belt, Petti is one of the veteran NSOs in Europe. A WFTDA level 2 official from Eastbourne Roller Derby (UK), her travels have taken her from the Women’s World Cup final to crew head for the first ever tournament in Asia – The Japan Open with various high level European tournaments in between. A lover of spreadsheets and all things sparkly, she can often be found talking way too much about her adopted dog Jammer.

THR – Der Könich
As a co-founder of Roller Derby Karlsruhe, Der Könich started to skate with his league in 2011. After one year of gaining NSO experience he started officiating as a referee in April 2012. Since then he has been officiating more than 250 games as a referee, traveling most of the European countries. Being a WFTDA Level 3 certified referee, he was invited to officiate four tournaments in the United States in 2015 and got to officiate Roller Derby on the highest level of gameplay since then. He also started tournament head reffing beginning of 2015 and did gain some experiences doing so in the last year and a half.

The Officials registration in on line! Please use this link to apply.

We’re back!

You were waiting for it? The second edition of the European Roller Derby tournament is really happening!!! You had no idea on what to do early September?
Book the 10th and 11th of September, you have plans now and won’t regret it! It’ll hapen in Belgium near Mons (Bergen), few kilometres away form France.
This year we’ll be able to host more teams as we can use 2 facilities simultaneously for pool matches and it’ll all end beautifully in a single place for the finals on the Sunday!
Don’t worry about the use of multiple places as they are literally 5 minutes walk one from another. It means that you would even be able to watch at leat a part of every matches!!
Aren’t you excited? Man, I’m thrilled!!!
Stay in touch, we’ll have some news very soon. You’ll then discover the name of the teams that took up the challenge, you’ll met the officials that will make this event great and more.
Be aware!

Photo: NSP 189
Video: Ilona Dumoulin & Charlotte Blomqvist

Some numbers

Waw. That was legen… wait for it.

1 idea, 2 days, 3 games per team, 1400 beers (pils – we don’t count special beers), 8 teams, 1200 sandwiches, 100 to 120 toilet rolls, 3100 cups ,1.3 km of tape, 30 volunteers, 45 officials, 600 minutes of game, 6 announcers, 4 kg of coffee (for the officials), 1 macarena, not enough sleep and a lot of love. The event was a huge success.

The 2014 European Roller Derby Tournament final standings:

  1. Team France
  2. Team Germany
  3. Team Belgium
  4. Team Netherlands
  5. Team Wales
  6. Team Denmark
  7. Team Spain
  8. Team Portugal

The event was awesome, intense, surprising and exciting, and we want to warmly thank our volunteers from the Freaky Mons’ter Derby Ladies, the announcers and their voices, all the Referees and NSOs who worked so hard to make these two perfect days. Also, thanks to our sponsors Roll Line, Sckrpnch and Hellbow skating roller derby. Thanks to the public too (yes, you, and you, and you!), because you were just waw!

See you soon!

… dary.