The bracket, the bracket, the bracket

Oh dudes, we are so excited. Only 13 days to go and a very good news: the bracket is there!

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Game 1 – Saturday 12:00
Team France vs Team Portugal

Game 2 – Saturday 13:15
Team Netherlands vs Team Wales

Game 3 – Saturday 14:30
Team Germany vs Team Spain

Game 4 – Saturday 15:45
Team Belgium vs Team Denmark

New sponsor

Hey, let’s talk about Roll-Line, we are so proud to be sponsored by them: they have a considerable experience in the production of high quality roller skates and wheels 100% made in Italy. They design and create all components with a meticulous precision, and the products are tested from A to Z under the supervision of a competent authority.

After 15 years being the world leader in artistic skating, they decided to take a step beyond: roller skating is their passion, bit it’s not only artistic, now it’s also derby!

They were present at RollerCon 2014 in Las Vegas, they’ll be at Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup 2014, and… they’ll be at the European Roller Derby Tournament 2014!



We need your voice!

You have a loud voice? You love to chat and animate? Then you’re the person we’re looking for. Indeed, we need announcers for this tournament. Do you think you can hold a clear voice above a big crowd during two entire days? Then apply here!

Eight countries answered “Yes”

For this first edition, seeing the enthusiasm with which the announcement of an European tournament was received, we can already say it’s a huge success. Well, before going to Dallas Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup, what about watching these teams playing?
So, we now can reveal which countries will participate:

  • Team Belgium
  • Team Denmark
  • Team France
  • Team Germany
  • Team Netherlands
  • Team Portugal
  • Team Spain
  • Team Wales

Find more about these teams here!