Some numbers

Waw. That was legen… wait for it.

1 idea, 2 days, 3 games per team, 1400 beers (pils – we don’t count special beers), 8 teams, 1200 sandwiches, 100 to 120 toilet rolls, 3100 cups ,1.3 km of tape, 30 volunteers, 45 officials, 600 minutes of game, 6 announcers, 4 kg of coffee (for the officials), 1 macarena, not enough sleep and a lot of love. The event was a huge success.

The 2014 European Roller Derby Tournament final standings:

  1. Team France
  2. Team Germany
  3. Team Belgium
  4. Team Netherlands
  5. Team Wales
  6. Team Denmark
  7. Team Spain
  8. Team Portugal

The event was awesome, intense, surprising and exciting, and we want to warmly thank our volunteers from the Freaky Mons’ter Derby Ladies, the announcers and their voices, all the Referees and NSOs who worked so hard to make these two perfect days. Also, thanks to our sponsors Roll Line, Sckrpnch and Hellbow skating roller derby. Thanks to the public too (yes, you, and you, and you!), because you were just waw!

See you soon!

… dary.