Team Belgium

And we are ready for round 2!

After a slow restart Team Belgium is ready to kick some ass.
The tryouts were difficults and it’s finally 36 athletes who made the first cut.

It’s a perfect combo between competitivity and fun…well it’s basically what’s define our country.

Small country but big a$$ team !


Doppler Coach
Track Vader Bench
Humpme 00
Knapy 03
Eve’il X 13
Bundy Nelson 1610
Bicky 18
Batsmash 1957
Roll Her Face 23
Dark pistol 357
BGaze 4
O’Gara 55
Pulp Eviction 589
Guts ‘n Glory 68
MardiSturbia 77
Charlie 829
Miyagi 86
Hipshot 89
Jackie 9
Fall Wafal 90
Lt Savage 91
Todestrieb 999


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