Team Denmark

Team Denmark Roller Derby saw its first day of light in late 2014. Twenty awesome derby girls, their coaches and team manager worked hard, and at the end of 2015 we had had the greatest of all experiences by participating in a triple header in Norway, ERDT in Belgium and the World Cup in Texas, USA. Together with a single bout in Copenhagen that summed up to a total of 10 bouts. That was awesome and off course we are back with a brand new team of hard hitting, awesome girls assisted by two new coaches and team managers. Each and every one of us can’t wait to get back to ERDT and feel the thrill again. The new national team was set in january this year, and before ERDT we are planning one national team bout.

Apart from that the best way to describe us as a team is by looking at our logo: It describes what we represent and who we are. With Roller Derby in our hearts we stand united as fierce, majestic lionesses of the North.


Coach/Line-up Möxie Crüel
Bench Stitches
Team Assistant Krispy Kris
Player Nr
AC Dizzy 10
Loca Bionic 12
Bombing Nova 14
Yaya Woosh 19
Whorecrux 21
Müller 237
Askler 321
Miss Vojens 34
Monroll 369
Collida 4
Durakill Bunny 42
Ævle 44
Jelly (Captain) 510
Robsahm 56
T-Sex 815
Maggie Mischief 88

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