Team Germany

Team Germany is the official Women’s National Roller Derby team. The team is guided and supported by the the RDD – Roller Derby Deutschland (German Roller Derby Foundation).

Founded in 2011, the team took part in the first Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto, Canada where they finished in ninth place. Team Germany plans once again to participate in the next Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup 2014, being held in Dallas, Texas. Following the the 2011 World Cup, the team continued training and developing together, with additions to the roster as well as streamlining of team organisation.

The team is currently made up of 19 active skaters, playing mostly for German roller derby leagues such as in Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Essen and Cologne, with three coaches who all actively coach high level derby teams in and outside of Germany, as well as a team manager.


Coach Hell G. Slider
Lineup Bee Fattal
#0 Chibi Chibster
#001 Jeanne Dark
#1 Public Enemy
#101 Ostblocker
#11 Lott Loveless
#12 Wagner
#16 Teaze the Tiger
#2 Master Blaster
#22 Donner Doro
#29 Lethal Lorelei
#2X Nitro Netty
#31 bash
#505 Heavy Rotation
#742 Lizzy Slaughter
#75 Hanna Hellfire
#8 Ellie Minate
#9 Sweet Gwenrolline
#90 Jaeger