Team Iceland

The first and only Roller Derby league in Iceland, Roller Derby Iceland, was founded in 2011. The first years were slow because we can’t get gear in Iceland and we had no place where we could skate. Starting out in underground car parkings lots and go-kart halls, but gained entrance to a gym hall in 2012!

In 2014 Ragnarök, our travel team, played it’s first two bouts in Finland and four bouts since then. Team Iceland was formed specially for this tournament and we are very excited to be a part of this.

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Flaming Moe Coach
Munchkin Mayhem Bench
Lára Frost 273
Ice Sickle 32
Grim Creeper 383
Lexía de Trix 3
Rushkva 472
Runa Way 75
Sun Shiner 36
Admiral Painway 525
Sam Sational 42
Top Gunn-ur 10
Mala Vikinga 17
Bryn it on 19
Night Fury 94
Mia Flawless 700
Miss-fit 138