Team Italy

Team Italy moved its first steps in 2014, when only a bunch of leagues were active throughout the country. Four experienced skaters who played abroad were asked to set up and train the first Italian national team, that took part to B&T World Cup in Dallas. Team Italy scored better than expected, and that experience helped in pushing Italian derby to the next level.

Now, nearly two years later, Italy has derby skaters playing in more than 15 cities, and the board of leagues’ representatives now manages the national team. ERDT 2016 represents a great opportunity to rebuild women’s Team Italy: a fresh intake of skilled skaters, after passing 3 tryouts, will join the original group of more experienced athletes, aiming to the perfect balance between competitiveness and inclusiveness. The process is still ongoing, but soon these pasta-fueled girls will try to show Europe that Italy means not only food, arts and style, but also great derby!

Come and play with us: you will be surprised!


Goofy Coach
Mr Yeah Buddy Bench
Donut Panic Team Manager
Mad Minion 00
Vanity Fierce 117
Electric Lemon 12
Betty Burp 17
Nuts I-Scream 2
Sylph 21
Lindthor 22
Baby Razor 25
Heidy Rollerblock 30
No Brain No Pain 387
Martattack 4
Mocking Phoenix 412
D’Ire Wolf 671
Lucy Fer 69
Maki Maniac 696
Seitan Helle 7
Deadly Bet 718
Elo-C-Raptor 8
Claw D Hella 835
Crazy Eyes 88

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