Team Netherlands

Team Netherlands is the first national Female Roller Derby team for our country. Roller Derby started in the Netherlands in 2009 with the Amsterdam Derby Dames, now 4,5 years later Roller Derby Netherlands is growing strong with 17 women’s teams and four men’s teams.
Team Netherlands was formed after three of try outs rounds, two in late 2013 and one in spring of 2014. The team now consists of 31 skaters of 10 different leagues, including 8 Dutch leagues, one league from Sweden and one from Scotland.

The coaches are Lola Rock’n’Rolla (Amsterdam Derby Dames) as head coach, Vincent van Germert (Dom City Dolls) and Rollin Reckless (Roaring Thunder Men’s Derby) as assistant coaches.

We are super stoked to be a part of this European Tournament as it will be a great learning experience for the team. It will be the first time for the team competing with the set roster of skaters that will also be going to the World Cup in Dallas in December.


Coach Lola Rock’n’Rolla
Lineup Ma Baker
#105 Furrrocious
#11 Abs of Steel
#13 Morales
#15 Dirty Job
#22 Crazily InSanne
#284 Whippin’ Red Siren
#28mm Essemay
#31 Jolly Jane
#36 Marcie
#66 Salomons
#68 Zoeteweij
#711 Peekaboo Panda
#777 Vix Vendetta
#82 Party Sparkle F.H.
#84 Westhoff
#B4 O’Pray
#F025 Cousijn
#j7 Van der Star
#L4 Vocking
#R707 Fuss