Team Portugal

If you look up the term Grit in the dictionary you’ll find a reference to Team Portugal (TPRD). Ok, you probably won’t, but you should: Team Portugal is composed of strong-willed skaters with incredible amounts of grit and resilience. Founded in 2013, this team started off big, participating in the European Tournament and in the World Cup in 2014. Composed of 17 skaters and 6 staff members, TPRD has been practicing non-stop, and they’re here to show everyone that there is still plenty left for the Portuguese to conquer.


Satyrus Bench Coach
Pulga Line Up Manager
Atomic Ant Manager
Elsa Carlos Manager
Sparta 000
Pinky Swears 02
TITAnium 006
AnnieWhere? 12
Blockahontas 13
Big Jo 21
Guerrilla Jay 25
Lady Di_struction 26
Speedy 27
Dre 84
Grape Reaper 18
Yokai Onna 138
Bloodrunner 314
Straight Edgy 777
JÓJÓ 952
abraCRISdabra 1083
Pikante 1314


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