Team Spain

Team Spain was born at the end of 2013. As the first ever Spanish national roller derby team, its skaters trained hard to grow quickly as a team to compete in the European Roller Derby Tournament in Mons, Belgium and the Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas, USA, both in 2014: two incredible experiences that have no doubt shaped the history of Spanish roller derby. Now, Team Spain is back on track with a brand new squad to face new challenges. So if you hear people singing in Spanish or clapping loudly, watch out:

You won’t see us coming, but you’ll hear us


La Justicia Coach
Daisy Dioxin Bench
Elle Visse Ass Coach
Dominatrix 11
Ilkaandescente 101
Mercromina 12 Captain
Furia Poligonera 15
Lola Vulkano 19
Sherry Bomb 22
Mattie 20
Maggie Love 23
Violent Femme 247
MiniRoss 301
Bee’Cha 3
Stacy Malibu 314
Lethal Kath 33
Snow Black 50
Evita Problemas 5
Bambi Killer 52
Hija de Odín 78
Hawaii 86
Mari Quita 877
Jackie the Ripper 911

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