Team Switzerland

Team Switzerland was first put together for the Roller Derby World Cup in 2014. After this great experience we are ready to take new challenges in Bouts and Tournaments with a new Roster in 2016.
This may change though, as the new team manager starts her “job” this week…


Zahnfee Bench
lubri CITY Coach
lndra aka Cry Bout Baby Manager
Saramity Jane O80
Flegel 10
Ana’ban’ana 123
Missy LaStrange 13
Justin the Beaver 15
Jessy Crrrak’ 19
manta loca 2020
Malice in Wonderland 206
Kitty La Bang 23
Blizzhard 26
Roulette Babette 3063
Veggie Pig 33
bloody CHerry 44
Chainhell 5
Mauzi Cat’tack 52
Killer Barbie 6
Bambi Black Pearl 692
Jean-Cloda van Damme 73
Sin Sister 8
Wreckie 9


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