Team Wales

Team Wales was formed in 2014 and we competed in the 2014 ERDT, Road to Dallas and the Blood & Thunder World Cup. We had an amazing experience, playiing against team from Europe, Africa and South America in 2014, coming 5th in ERDT and 17th in the World Cup. We are in the middle of tryouts for the new Team Wales, making sure we are ready for the next World Cup where we hope everyone will #followthefire


Matthew Heales Bench
Professor Moriarty Coach
Northmore Manager
GabriHell 44
JenKill 17
Boris 13
Carysmatic 18
Pip Gray 62
Jones 191
Templeton-Gough 1902
Ernest 300
Evans 6
Daffin 42
NiKilla 11
Dos Santos 1
Snail 5050
Moll 088
Baxter 360
Robbins 50
Edmunds 81
Optimus 106
Kemp 88

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