Tournament’s Skate Shop

We are very pleased to announce that Quad Roller Skate Shop is our official partner for the edition 2016!
So now is the time to contact them in order to get your material ready for the tournament:!

We would like to thank Quad Roller Skate Shop very much for their sponsorship and their support.
Here is more information about Quad Roller Skate Shop, their specialities and their products.

Because WE LOVE THIS GAME. QUAD is Europe’s original brick and mortar roller derby skate shop, with the best selection and most stock on the continent. We know skates, so you don’t have to. Our customer service is the best, on a level that only fellow skaters could provide. Come see us online or in store for all your derby needs!” #QUADberlin


European Roller Derby is second to none! We have some of the world’s best teams and officials and QUAD is stoked support the people who make this happen. ERDT is a unique opportunity for nations to show off their best skaters, bring teams together, inspire and push the boundaries of our sport. As this is exactly QUAD’s mission, we are proud to be here!


We have been committed from day one to having the largest selection, of the best products for roller derby. We test and try everything we sell to ensure you never hit the track in the wrong gear. Our selection includes all the major brands and also features products made by roller derby skaters.


Not everyone is into equipment, and with QUAD as your skate shop, you don’t have to be. We work tirelessly to educate ourselves and our staff so we can offer you the best service and the best skates for YOU. Our committment is to our sport and community, that means making skaters happy, safe and better is our main priority.


As a one stop shop, we do everything! Boot fittings, wheel testing, plate mounting, maintenance, consultation, you name it! We are here for you and have all the resources to take care of each customer individually.