We’re back!

You were waiting for it? The second edition of the European Roller Derby tournament is really happening!!! You had no idea on what to do early September?
Book the 10th and 11th of September, you have plans now and won’t regret it! It’ll hapen in Belgium near Mons (Bergen), few kilometres away form France.
This year we’ll be able to host more teams as we can use 2 facilities simultaneously for pool matches and it’ll all end beautifully in a single place for the finals on the Sunday!
Don’t worry about the use of multiple places as they are literally 5 minutes walk one from another. It means that you would even be able to watch at leat a part of every matches!!
Aren’t you excited? Man, I’m thrilled!!!
Stay in touch, we’ll have some news very soon. You’ll then discover the name of the teams that took up the challenge, you’ll met the officials that will make this event great and more.
Be aware!

Photo: NSP 189
Video: Ilona Dumoulin & Charlotte Blomqvist